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Friendship vs Love

I sit on a chair near the white bed in that 8x8 room. A sixteen-years-old-girl is lying there. Fighting with infuse like cables around her body. Her eyes closed but the tears always came out from her eyes. “Asty…” I whispered. “Please, wake up...” A big hand holds my shoulder, and then followed by a voice. A familiar voice in my ears―Dann’s voice. “Sitha, it’s enough. Let’s get out from…” “Stop.” I appoint my hand as high as my shoulder. “I’m still wanna here. It’s my fault. I don’t want to go.” “But, Sitha, sweetie…” “Leave me,” I said,” alone.” “Ok, if that’s your order, I’ll let you here-alone. I’m outside. Call me if you need something.” “Let me alone.” “Oh-okay. Sorry.” I can hear that he opens the door. “Don’t call me ‘sweetie’, again. We are just.. just friends, now.” He says nothing, and then he closes the door from outside. At the same time, the room is getting quieter than before, there’s no voice, except the voice from machine that said “tiit... tiit... tiit...” at the corner of that room, and I don’t know what it is name. I reach Asty’s hand. Suddenly, I remember the beginning of this accident. The beginning of my friendship brokenness and my love brokenness. YYY MOS time... “Make a group of three! A boy and two girls! Hurry up!” The authors ordered us. Of course, we were the new comer-new students of this High School-obeyed it. I found my groups after 15 seconds. They were Dann-my boyfriend that made my life be colorful (hehehe…) - and Asty-my new friend that I got from my new school. We were being a good group, even we were the best group in the MOS time this year, because of our good cooperation in every activity. I loved my group! Since that day, Dann and I were closer than before. Please understand us, guys. We weren’t in the same school in Junior High School, so our relation is not really well. We connect each other just through the phone. But, now, we were in the same school! So we could more closer and closer again, right? (Hehe…. But, unfortunately, we weren’t in the same class.. Hiks..hiks..).Moreover, since that day too, Asty and I were being good friends. She was my best pal that I ever had in this school, because besides we were in the same group at the MOS time, we were in the same class, too. Even, I sat beside her in our new class. And we helped each other in every assignment. However, even if we were like siblings, I never told her that Dann was my boyfriend and we never talked about it. I didn’t know why I do this, maybe because I didn’t want to be destination…???But one evening, Asty sent me an e-mail. It was written like this:“Sitha, good evening..Do you know the Dann’s phone number?? You know, my friend asked about it to me. He said that he had to call him to talk about their assignment. I think you have it, because you’re his old friend. You knoe him so well, of course.Am I right??.. ^_^ ”Without any feeling, I replied her e-mail. I told her about Dann’s phone number. Like this:“It’s his number, sista… 085678901234. By the way, have you finished your homework? French book at the page 65?”After that, I sent it. I wait for a minute, two minutes… five... seven... ten... but there’s no reply. Well, maybe, she lost her balance so that she didn’t answer my question, I guessed.At the morning, intentionally I came to school early because I was not a smart girl, I doubt with my answer on the French homework, so I would make it same with Asty’s answer, my best friend that I supposed to be my younger sister. It was the good habit of Asty to come early, to show you know.My class’ door closed. It was looked like no students around there. Has Asty come? Maybe, but why? She told me that she has at school at 05.45 am. What was wrong there? Asty lied to me? But, it was impossible.I kept walking to my class. I reached the door’s knob and I turned round it. Kriieet… the door began to open. And from the place where I stood up, I could see a boy and a girl lied on the floor. Dann-upside and Asty-downside looked each other, so closely…At the same time, my heart’s beat so fast just like a big drum that wanted to war. I felt that my blood run up to my brain. In addition, I could felt that my face turned red, too.“Morning,” I greeted them intentionally without looked at them directly, but I could see they looked at me. Quickly, they effort to stand on their own legs. “It seems…. Disturb both of you.” When I would get out from there, Dann said to me,“Wait, Sitha. It’s not like what you see. Asty and I just… we were talking about French homework but, after that, I slipped and I fell on her... We are doing nothing. You believe me, don’t you?”“It’s okay.” I try to kept smile, but I couldn’t. “Much better, if I am not here. So you can do everything what you want. “I said cynically. Then I left the classroom, but Dann ran after me and reached my hand.“Wait, please don’t be misunderstanding. Asty and I were doing nothing. We are just friends, common friends. I just slipped there. Please trust me, sweetie...,” he said worriedly. “You understand about that, don’t you?”I kept silent.“Sitha…”“I know. I try to understand, even if it’s so hard…”“Thanks, sweetie,”“I just... I just don’t want to lose you.” I breathe. “Well, you’re a good gay. I believe you won’t hurt me, will you?”“O... Of course, I will.” He said. “I’ll back to my class. See ya, sweetie.”“See ya, honey.”Then, he ran to his own classroom, and I came back to my own classroom, too. A sixteen-years-old-girl sat on the first desk. She enjoyed her homework. When I walked to her, she looked at me.“What do you talk with him? Is it about your friendship?” Asty did her homework again. “About the rules of your friendship that both of you must not have the boy or girlfriend before both of you finished your study?” I remind that I have told her about that lied. O my God! She still remembers it! Is she telling Dann about it? I hope not…“Ehm…eh... yeah… It’s just kind of that,” I replied nervously. Oh, God! Must I tell her that Dann is my boyfriend? Nevertheless, if I tell her about it, and she was misunderstanding about it, she must be guess that I had the bad thinking to her that she wanted to take him from me. Its effect is our friendship will be broken! Oh no, no, no, no… I don’t wanna this happen. But, if I don’t tell her about it, I’m afraid, she would take him from me. Moreover, I will lose my boyfriend. I’ll lose my love. I don’t wanna this happen too. So, what must I do?? Oh God!! Please help me!!....“You bring your French book, don’t you?”“Eh...ehm… yeah, of course,” I said with forced myself to give her a smile as good as I can.“Take it out, please...” she said. “ Dann said to me that you’re not bad in French. And.. You know…” she looked at me and put her pen on the table.Dann said that to her? It’s not real, you know… I’m not good in French!“I know what?”Suddenly, Henry entered the classroom, so that Asty didn’t continue her answer.“Morning, guys!” he stopped in front of my desk. “Is there any homework?” Y Y Y Two days later, at evening, about 06.00 pm, I dropped at Dann’s house. I just wanted to ask about mathematic. Yeah, that lesson was make me so boring, because of what? Because of the teacher! He taught us with his slowly voice. And it was like, he taught and study for himself.When I stepped on Dann’s carport house, I heard something, a song that sang by the boy’s voice. Of course, that was Dann. I stood up in front of the closed door and listened to his song. What a good voice I’ve ever heard!“My prized possesion, one and Only,adore you girl I want you. The one I can’t Live without, that’s you, that’s you. You’re my precious little lady, the one that Make’s me crazy, Of all the girls I’ve ever Known , It’s you, it’s you. My favorite, my favorite, my favorite, my Favorite girl, my favorite girlIt’s you...,”I smiled so proudly, but a second later, something inside made me so curious.“I love you, sweetie..” Dann said.“I love you too, honey.” A girl replied. My heart beat so fast again. It seemed, Dann was not alone there. There was a girl, that the voice wasn’t strange in my ears. But….Impossible it was her!Finally, I collected my strength to show them that I was here. And…BRAAKK!!!I hit the door so hard. There were a boy―Dann of course―and a girl―unbelievable! That was Asty! My best friend! Oh My God! She took ‘em from me! No…it ‘s not happen, right? Please tell me that it’s not real!!!!“As-ty..”I whispered.”Dann….”Dann put the guitar and then stood up in front of me.“Sitha, listen to me.”PLAAKK!!!My hand landed on the Dann’s cheek. I was sure that my tears began to come out from my eyes.“Damn you!”“Sitha!” a girl behind him cried to me. “What are you doing?? You come without permission, and then you burst our meeting! What the hell it is??! Are you crazy, girl??”“Oh, you are, Asty! You should ask yourself.” I closed to her. “What are you doing here?? What are you doing with him? I guess, you are my best friend I ever had, but.. the fact.. What are you doing to me?? You.. you.. you..” I was sure that my tears came out heavily, because my looking wasn’t so clear like before. “DANN IS MY BOYFRIEND!!!” I cried so loudly at finally. Asty looked shock, her beautiful eyes turned big, then said to me:“No no. Are you kidding me??” She tried to concise me. “So far, you never talk about him. You both are… just common friends, right?”“So you still suppose me as your boyfriend?” Dann said cynically. I looked at him. “After so far, you don’t care about me? You never suppose me, myself, exist in this world??” “Dann…” I whispered.“Sitha, I have patiently to face you, but… month by month.. years by years, you never change! You never change to be more pay attention to me! To suppose me, be your love!! I feel lonely, Sitha. I feel lonely. I need someone that always there for me, that always care about me. We are adult now. I hope you understand what I mean. I don’t mean to hurt you, but that’s the fact.” I kept quiet. I knew that Dann’s said was no wrong.I breathe. “It’s over.” I said nervously. “I have to go now. Enjoy your meeting.” Then I got out from that room and I didn’t look at them again. But, although that way, I still could hear their conversation.PLAKK!!I heard something inside. Likely, Asty landed her hand on Dann’s cheek.“Dann. Why you never talk about it? Why you never tell me that you are the boyfriend of my best friend, hahh??!!” Asty cried.“Asty, she never tell you about me, and so do I. I’m afraid, if I tell you about it, you will not believe me. And you will suppose me as a lier. Won’t you??”“I.. I don’t believe you can do this. You’re a bad gay, Dann. I hate you. I’m really really hate you. Understand??”“Asty, Asty, Asty wait! Wait!!!” Dann break me. I don’t belive he can do this. So far that I know, he’s a good person. But, why he did it to me? What’s my fault? Because of my careless about him?Hufth..Dann.. I hate you. I’m very very hate you!!!!You hurts my lovely heart!! :”(Thin… Thin…Without my consciousness, there was a car that has two meters spaces from myself. Now, it seemed, my death was near of my life. Okay, maybe it was the good way for me to end this broken heart. Well, God, please take me in the heaven if I died….And…..BRUKK!!I fell beside the street. I thought, I must be didn’t fall by myself, but there was someone that pushed me…BRAAKK!!A bomb sound heard from the behind of me. It was just like… crush. Crush?? At the same time, I looked at the street. There was a sixteen-years-old girl lying in front of the car that nearest hit me. Oh My God!! Asty!! Asty pushed me! Asty… Asty sacrificed herself for me! Oh My God…“ASTY…!!!!” I ran to her. I reached her head. There were blood so much on her body, including her head.“Sitha…” She whispered. “Forgive me. I don’t…don’t know that he is belong to you.”“Forget it. Just forget it, Sista… Let’s go to hospital, Let’s save your life!” I said panickly.She smiled, but a second later, she closed her eyes. YYY Now, here we are. In the one of rooms the Jaya Husada Hospital have. Everything’s white here, including the wall, bed, blanket, even pillow.In front of me, there is girl lying, without any powers. Her eyes still closed. There’s no clue that she’ll wake up. The doctor said that she needed a miracle. God… please help her… I’ll apologize her if she did. I’ll tell her that she can get Dann. I’ll sacrifice my love, my real love, for her-my best friend. Please, God..“Asty… Wake up, please.. Don’t leave me.” I whispered. “Okay, I know, that wasn’t the exact time to come to his house. I shouldn’t go there, if I know what will happen.”But, it’s too late… Now, I will give Dann for you, I don’t care that my heart will be broken, It doesn’t matter for me. Now, the important things for me is your life, sista.. Please wake up…Although she didn’t open her eyes, I’m sure she heard me. And I believe that. Well, Asty, Just take Dann, it doesn’t matter for me. I’m really really don’t care. Something that I care for now is you, my Sista...Please wake up…For me, your sista…. THE END FRIENDSHIP VS LOVEFinishedAt February 14, 2011

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